"My spouse does  not make me happy, I make myself happy!"

The program will help you find who you are, what your emotions are telling you and how to act upon them. The system is designed to help you find peace from within, heal past hurts, help you overcome negative and abusive relationships.

You will find, self-love, change the way you feel about your self-image and be able to be happy with who you are even when you are single. Finding yourself is key.


The Relationship Mending Program will help you with;

  • Learn what your vision and dreams are as a couples

  • Understand why your emotions come up when they do

  • Learn to stop taking things personally

  • Learn how to have healthy communication

  • Heal from the inside, take hold of your emotions

  • Accept and love those you are in a relationship with

  • Let Go of wanting to change people to rather focus on what you want for yourself

  • Take acknowledgment that is able to make the decisions in your life for yourself, cut off negative people 

What Do we Need to Get Started with The relationship mending program?

  • A desire to change your life

  • A desire to want to change your self-image

  • Willing to Let Go of controlling other and the environment around you

  • Be open to personal growth and transformation

  • Understand that the love that you will be pushing out will attract people into your life

  • Willing to complete the whole program

Where Can we get More Information on The inner freedom Coaching System™?

Book an in person session and receive an insight on the full program.

We will go over the needs of both partners, personal, professional, as a couple and as an individual.

We look at each persons values, beliefs, emotional patterns and communication skills.

We find common group to communicate and to better understand the love language of each person.

Program outline

  • Takes 9-11 hours

  • Each session is four (4) hours long and most be completed within 2 weeks

  • Align values with life goals

  • Breakthrough past event

  • Take control of your emotions - work on the top ten (10) negative emotions holding you back

  • Understand what you want from and in your life

  • Heal past relationship problems

  • Delete "I am not good enough"

  • Reset your self-image and self-love

  • Create the life you want with or without a partner

  • And much, much more...

Relationship Mending

What is the Relationship mending program?

Let us start off with the word Relation, what does it mean?

The word Relationship - The way in which two or more people or things connected, or the state of being connected. The way in which two or more people or groups regard and behave towards each other.

With this, you can see that a relationship is a relation of communication. Anyone or thing that you have been in connection with is referred to as a relationship. We simply cannot get away from being in a relationship.  We become who we are through these interactions with those we have been in contact with. These relationships stick to us forever, regardless. No matter who the person is or was. The child that bullied you has left a "relationship" mark on you. The hardest relationships are those we had/have with our parents, siblings, cousins, friends and people that have hurt us.


Between our teen years and young adulthood, we experience the endorsement of different relationships. They become, romantic, colleague based and family based. These relationships can make or break you. Low self-esteem, self-judgement, hate, guilt, fear, and anxiety take over your life. When we are under the wrong influence or happened to be misled as a child there is going to be relationship scares to work through. We ourselves don't know why we are doing the things we are, simply because our mind has locked the real reason away. The hurt, pain, anger, guilt, doubt could have been picked up from anyone you have been in communication or relationship with.


When we look at the scenario as a whole, we come to the conclusion that anyone, literally anyone that you have ever been in contact with has an attached relationship to you.


I went through many, many hiccups as a child. I hardly understood why my emotions always had the better end of me, why my emotions would always come up at the oddest times. I had family issues, friend problems, misleading and misguiding boyfriends, bosses and colleagues. The day I found myself, that was the day things started changing. The right people start coming in my life and I was able to be who I really was going to be. The correct influence, the correct guidance started coming out of nowhere and I was living in the moment of who I really wanted to be. No more hurt, no more sadness, but complete happiness from within and from my partner, the bonus family and friends will start falling into place. 


It all comes down to understanding yourself, your partner and family, the key is yourself, you must understand what other have gone through and that it is not your fault and they don't understand things the way you do. They have their own world to live in. The more you learn about others the better they will treat you and you will treat yourself, this goes for colleagues, managers, bosses, family and friends.


What we are looking for is Love. Love makes all things possible. Not the romantic love, as this is only a small portion of what Love really is. What we affirm in others, we actually affirm in ourselves. Love is the essence of relationships. How do we get to the point of love? 

What can the relationship mending program Do For us?

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